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Suzy Cubitt-O'Neil
Flower Farmer Florist

Hello there, I am the face behind the flowers! 

I started "From Garden to Vase" in 2016 with the simple idea of selling a few bunches of flowers from the garden. Well, simple beginnings have grown as organically as the flowers.  I now offer flowers for all occasions and run courses here in the garden studio in how to grow and arrange flowers. 

I have been a passionate gardener for many years, starting with an allotment and growing veg for the family. We moved in 2012 from a tiny cottage in the village, with a tiny garden, to our 1920's semi with a lovely big garden and wonderful views. 

Although the garden is relatively large, it is still under 1/4 acre making me a micro flower farmer compared to many of my contemporaries. For this reason I do not sell my flowers wholesale to other florists. 

I am not Soil Association certified but I do practice organic gardening methods.

The flowers are grown without chemicals and the use of peat. I use a soil blocking method when growing from seed to cut down on plastic seed modules. 

Wildlife is a very important part of our garden and we have some very distracting robins and blackbirds that keep me company. As well as the garden birds we have loads of newts, toads and ladybirds. By not using chemicals the gardens biodiversity is thriving and helps keep the pests at bay.

I enjoy sharing gardening and flower arranging tips on my instagram account fromgarden2vase and on Facebook at Fromgardentovase. My very friendly garden birds also make regular appearances to keep everyone amused!

Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about myself and the garden. If you do purchase my flowers, you can rest assured they have been grown with love and respect for this world we live in.


A few pics of the garden and 
amazing builds from Mr FGTV!
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